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By the way I used Tunnel Bear to write this review since iTunes is blocked from our current location.earn talk time app This is an awesome product.1. Canadian Company, owned by McAfee (U.S.) = the risk of your sensitive financial and personal information being stolen is low. It’s unclear who owns these other VPN companies that operate in dubious jurisdictions.2. Very easy to use and fast connections = You know when it’s working and when it’s not.3. No DNS Leaks = I ran this test and it was spot on. No leaks. Try this test with the Norton VPN product and you will see the difference.4. They Audit = I’m no expert here, but I don’t see any of the other companies auditing their security protocols.Congratulations TunnelBear. Finally a good VPN I first started using Tunnelbear in 2013. I loved it. A monthly subscription was just $4.99. When I reactivated my service I saw the price rose by $2. It’s not compatible with iOS 9. Everytime I tried to open a website, it would freeze or cause an error. Never had that issue before.

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 Cons $2 price increaseNot compatible with iOS 9 Freezes or slows websites No servers in any Slavic or Nordic countries (imperative for language learners) Pros None right now since I’ve paid $6.99 and can’t use the service. Maybe I’ll have better luck on my desktop computer. Until it’s compatible with iOS 9, the freezing stops and more servers added in Nordic and Slavic countries, my one star will stay. Update 9/20/19 I’m back on Tunnel Bear. Other VPNs just cause me a headache. They have Nordic servers! Yay! o Korean or Russian servers There was a $1 price increase, however, more servers were added.  Thanks guys for getting more servers! 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟  I am a traveling nurse practitioner so I’m from hotel to hotel and I never felt comfortable joining the free WiFi at hotels, until now. I use a tablet with a secure VPN for patients to keep their health information and personal identification confidential and now I have the same security for my personal computer. Now utilizing free WiFi is no longer a Worry!!! I finally feel secure that my personal and financial information cannot be obtained during my travels. Thank you Tunnel Bear for my peace of mind!!

So I recently bought a 12 month member ship card for my Xbox account but I needed to redeem it in a Brazil server money earn app. I really didn’t want to pay for a subscription since I was only going to need it for a minute. This app helped me get 500 mb of free data and that was enough to redeem a code I bough for the low. I honestly can’t believe that after downloading so many other apps, that this one would be the one. Please download if you need to try a new VPN app. This is it,Chief! A couple of years ago, I could not use the Edison Email app because it was incompatible with my Verizon ISP. Plus, it did not have an option to de-selecting “threading.” Today, I downloaded it again, and I am amazed at the results! It is now compatible with Verizon and also offers the de-select threading option.