Google would not remove the high quality reviews


Hello to all the app developers reading this article. We have covered a lot of topics through our articles, many of which were focused on app performance and the impact of app reviews and ratings on the performance of the app. This article is meant to talk about the impact app reviews have and the problems  that occur in the app store. So without taking much time, let us head on the main issue

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The Play store and the issues originating

There are around 3 million apps in the Play Store alone and this number goes on increasing with each passing time. It’s no surprise that this number is likely to reach 4 million or even more by the end of 2020. Developers know of this and they quite understand the competition that they are facing right now. And to make things better, they turn into many ways to improve their app performance in the Play Store. Before seeing those, let us understand the problems that arise in the play store.

As said, there are lot of apps in the Play Store and daily thousands of new apps are being added to the ever increasing list. This ending addition is the cause of many problems in the play store, one of which is the stiff competition. Yes, the competition is insanely tough and it doesn’t seem to be ending. What’s worse is that the new developers are immediately moved down the line the moment their app gets listed in the app store. The reason purchase app installs: the Play Store is ruled by few key apps which have more than 50% of the total user base. This huge number of user base is taken by these apps and the remaining audience is scattered and dispersed. The result of this is that new apps find it very hard to get app installs. Whatever app is launched, there are almost 5-6 apps offering the same exact features that your app is offering and to add more to the controversy, there are already 2-3 apps which have 80% of the audience. The result is that the new apps have to compete a lot and invest even more in their marketing just to keep up with the competition.

We understand now what the problem is. Now let’s take a look into the ways developers are trying to fight this problem.

App Reviews and their importance

Many developers invest a lump sum of money for app promotion and a major chuck of this goes into improving app ratings and reviews app reviews. This happens because of a strong reason. Your app performance is directly linked with app reviews and your app ratings. People generally see the app ratings and the read the app reviews before making up their mind to install an app. This is more likely to be the case for paid apps. Therefore, developers try to ensure that their app has good ratings and reviews. And to ensure this, they have very few options. Asking users to rate is one and rewarding users is another. However, the easiest one is to buy app reviews.