A Surprising Tool To Help You ASO

A Surprising Tool To Help You ASO

My Play home high school . My Play home pool . My Play home beach . My Play home toy-store Another suggestion is that you should best aso service make teenagers in the app. Another thing is that you should make more clothes. Also I would like more characters. I would continue, but I think this is good enough.”

iOS 11.3 makes App Store reviews much more useful

“I think you should  add a pet shop were you get beds and food and treats and toys for your cat or dog . And you should have a animal shelter were you get your pet and you help hurt pets and put them up for adoption and you should have little cute kittens and you should have little cute puppy’s .and you should have grown up dogs and grown up cats .and girl cats and boy cat should have cute baby kittens and the dogs could have baby’s puppy’s .and there should be little cat condos for the cats . 

And you should have a dog and cat hotel were your dog can go if your on a trip you should have a bath area for them .and a little lounge area were they can get waited with bones and treats and kibble . They should have little bedrooms were they can sleep . And a little garden on the roof were they can in joy a nice sun set .and a little spa were they can get pampered.and you should add a little bakery were people can get little treats and cakes and you should have a little kitchen were you can bake the treats and bread and cakes and you should have a candy shop and a toy store and they should be able to travel to the beech 

Or they could go camping and stay in a cabin and the road should be at least a mile there should be a coffee shop along the road and more little shops along the road like a toy shop . And the seasons should change too like in the human world like Christmas or thanks giving.there should be a craft shop to were you can get hot glue guns and Popsicle sticks and yarn and stickers. PLEASE ADD THIS STUFF. It would make https://nextlabs.io/  the game more fun. Thank you.

From Evia Tiefel age 9 .” Every time I play My PlayHome it keeps on crashing and making it start all over again and I’m tired of re-organizing everything I love love love this app I played almost every day but he keeps on crashing every time I am a new place I get so mad but I have no choice to restart the game I love love this game I wish I was able to play it every day but of course I’m always busy problem is like I said it keeps on crashing it keeps him starting all over again please please creators fix this “But I have an idea for an update for stores! Can you add a pet store??!!

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