Era of ASO companies


Imagining today’s world without mobile application seems like a horrific nightmare! Today we use mobile application the moment, we open our eyes to the moment just before going to bed. Society is impacted by the new development in technology daily and mobile application has impacted the life of society at a large extend. Every modern business wants its own mobile app in order to get more attention of customers and drive away the competitors without their own mobile apps. With a count of 5 million app across different application platforms serving every need that exists, results in increased demand of app store optimization. With this giant number of apps, it is challenging for an app to stand out. This is where ASO companies and their services come into the picture.

It is estimated that 25% users which means one in every four users find the apps on their own by surfing and scrolling through various app stores like the App Store for iOS, Google Play for Android, Windows Store for Windows Phone or BlackBerry World for BlackBerry. This makes detail about the app like its Icon, description, ratings and review more crucial than ever. With the increase in importance of above factors there is also increase in importance of ASO. Earlier, Advertising and brand promotions were enough but now each and every detail has the same priority in the eyes of app developers. Let’s take a deep dive into the world of ASO and ASO companies.

Since the time first app has come into the existence on android /iOS devices, ASO has started gaining its relevance but totally ignored. Only in recent times, ASO companies have been picked up by many app owners to help them with the task of bringing traffic to their apps by optimizing their apps. It is witnessed that all those app developers who are in touch with ASO companies has seen a tremendous increase in their traffic, popularity as well as income. ASO companies firstly, tries to understand your app and then link it with markets requirement. ASO companies while optimizing your app keeps in mind following points:

Finds the suitable keywords: Keywords are the words used by the people during searching for any app. ASO companies starts listing the keyword according to its relevance with the users so that they find it in the front page of search result.

App Name and Title: Giving a catchy name to your app can actually increase the chances of at least user click on it for once. Using keywords in the Icon name can boost your ranking by 10.3%. So, ASO companies uses all the relevant characters available in order to get all possible keywords in the title only.

App Description: This is the time to unbox your talent of creativity and let the targeted users know all about your app through app description. In app description box you can mention all the important feature of your app but While writing your app it is very important to prioritise your keywords. So, ASO companies can help your app get the better optimized description.

App Logo: Designing a attractive app logo is as important as designing a great app. Logo gives the first impression to your user and it is said in competitions of millions of app first impression is the last impression. In fact, your app logo can boost your downloads by a whopping 560%.

App Screenshots: First few screenshots can break or make your deal. Actually, first two screenshot are crucial as 55% of your user won’t have a look at the screenshot after second one. So, first two screenshot can boost your downloads by 25%! You should carefully select your screenshot which are correctly depicting your message.

With all of the above vital factors, it is important to remember to be patient sas it is said that ASO is not a “one-time effort”. It takes a lot of trial and error, experimentation, and testing to reach optimal solutions. In conclusion, ASO Companies are the way to go when it comes to boosting your app’s popularity in terms of rankings and getting more downloads. It is also the only way to obtain organic downloads and has quality users.