Role and types of marketing agencies


Its role starts with identifying client’s goal and objectives as what they need .
Advertising agency may be a service provider that assist its client developing suitable ad campaigns for them
Ad agencies main work is to represent its client product in such a fashion before its customer that leaves a really positive image.
Ad agencies work with an objective with utmost professionalism to optimum use of people’s experience, knowledge to advertise the client’s product.
Doing research on company, its product and possible reactions of consumers
Planning for sort of media to be used for advertising where to be used and fro what proportion time.



Types of advertising agencies
There are several sorts of advertising agencies and a few examples are given below for your convenience.

Creative boutiques

This type of agency makes very creative and innovative ads. they’re basically small size agencies with creative personalities, copywriters and directors.

Communicative agencies
Here very modern methods of communication are used. Just like- online advertising, personal messages on cell phones, they produce innovative ads with new interesting concepts and really interactive.

Media buying agencies
This company buys place for advertise and sell it to advertisers in time advertisement are often placed, schedules at different TV channels and radio stations and check or recheck if the ads are displayed at the given time, place or not.

Full service agencies
Full service agencies are large in size and interact with all stages of advertisement. There are numerous intelligent smart experienced people at the various departments. They gather information evaluate data; advertise expertly to go away an impression on customers mind and ends with bills to the media people.

House agencies
This is because the full service agencies; large organisations prefer these sorts of agencies which are inbuilt. They work as per the given instructions of the organisations.

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